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j o i n   t h e   t e a m 

We are working on building something special and are searching for a handful of passionate, detail-oriented individuals to build it with us.

Come join us! Apply below. 


 o u r    v a l u e s 

Our core values are not only something we expect of our team but values our team should expect of us.


We value creating opportunities for ourselves to engage in learning in and outside of work. We understand we will never fully know everything and define ourselves by our commitment to collaboration. We value innovation, growth and development within our teams. 


It is our goal to offer the best quality product and experience to our guests. Each guest experience is an opportunity for us to provide nourishment and joy to another human being (and the occasional lucky pup). We understand the intimacy of creating food for others to consume. We approach our work with intention and strive for excellence at every opportunity.


We value taking initiative and using critical thinking. If you see a problem, do you seek a solution? We hold ourselves and our team to a high standard. Initiative is ownership in action.


We are fiercely committed to building a community around our love for food. We offer a friendly face to one another on our team and to our guests. We always presume positive intent of others. We care for each other as people and understand that we are more than just the work we do. We strive to create a workplace culture of mutual support and care.

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